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Lip Reduction

I have always been bothered by my upper lip. One side is higher than the other. When I decided to get Restylane to even out my lips, I was extremely nervous. As a nurse, I had the advantage of talking to other nurses in the business and getting recommendations. Dr. Pearson came highly recommended and after having him treat my lips I understood why. Not only was he skillful but he was very gentle and reassuring. The results were everything I hoped for. - Joyce G (Lip Enhancement patient of Dr. Pearson's)

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Lip Reduction Specialist
Patient displayed underwent lip reduction with Dr. James Pearson
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Lip Reduction Overview

GOALS To diminish the size of the lips. To diminish unnatural fullness often due to permanent lip filler. To restore the lip shape, symmetry, and/or balance to a more natural state.
PROCEDURE Lip Reduction
ANESTHESIA Local anesthesia alone or with IV sedation
LENGTH Under 1 hour
AFTER PROCEDURE Swelling improved within 72 hours. Resume most activities by 5 days.
RECOVERY Most people choose to recover for about a week prior to returning to work.

The lips are unique facial features, which receive special attention. During social engagement, our eyes are drawn disproportionately to one's lips as they are to one's eyes. Lips figure prominently in speech and communication and often receive makeup to accentuate their appearance.

Lip Reduction is undertaken to diminish the size of the upper and/or lower lips, often to de-emphasize prominent lips or to impart a more aesthetically pleasing lip proportion or balance with surrounding facial features.

A natural appearance to the lips is integral to a favorable result. Size, shape, symmetry, proportion and balance must all be factored in to the doctor's plan and approach. Simply 'plumping' the lips is not sufficient to acheive the results desired by most women. Evaluation and treatment by a facial specialist like Dr. Pearson can maximize your chances for a superior result. Dr. Pearson's lip enhancement patients appreciate his gentle touch, painless technique, artistic sensibility and eye for detail.

The Aging Process
During the normal aging process, the lips change in size and shape. The red portion of the lip (vermillion) decreases in height and the skin-covered portion of the upper lip (cutaneous lip) elongates. Volume is lost from the red lip as well as from portions of the cutaneous lip responsible for lip contour including the white-red border of the lip (the "white roll") and the portion of the cutaneous lip below the nose which comprises the so-called "Cupid's bow" and adjacent "philtral columns". The cutanaous (skin-bearing) portions of the upper and lower lips also develop vertical lines from both age-related skin changes and the repeated action of the underlying muscles over many years. Together, these changes impart a less youthful appearance to the lip and mouth.

Pearson Lip Enhancement Diagram

Candidates for Lip Reduction
You may be a candidate for lip reduction if your lip appearance is characterized by prominance or disproportion which contribute to an unsatisfactory appearance of the lips.

Complementary Procedures
Resurfacing of the skin surrounding the mouth can help to improve the vertical lines which appear on the cutaneous portion of the upper and lower lips.

Recovery after Lip Reduction

Following surgical procedures, most people experience only mild soreness, and temporary swelling and bruising improve over a couple of days. After procedure swelling improves by 72 hours and mostly resolves after about a week. You may resume most non-exertional activities the next day in many cases.

Most people choose to wait about a week prior to returning to work.

Featured Video - Lip Enhancement Before & After

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