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Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma Treatment Overview

GOALS Repair traumatic facial injury. Minimize facial deformity which may result from injury.
PROCEDURE Facial laceration repair, Facial fracture repair
ANESTHESIA Local anesthesia alone or in combination with IV sedation
LENGTH variable depending on severity of injury
AFTER PROCEDURE Sutures are removed after 5-7 days
RECOVERY Resume normal activities immediately, any sutures removed in 5-7 days,
return to work in 1-7 days, resume full activity and exercise at 2-3 weeks.


Facial Trauma Treatment


Facial trauma encompasses the range of injuries from facial laceration to more serious injury which involves fractured facial bones. In children and young adults, sports injuries and accidents are responsible for most facial trauma. In adults, motor vehicle collisions are more common.

You may request that a facial plastic surgeon evaluate the injury to make recommendations or to repair any facial lacerations. A given urgent care center or hospital emergency department may or may not have a facial specialist available. If you prefer to see a facial plastic surgeon, ask the doctor at the facility how that may be accomplished.

Seeking evaluation and recommendations from a facial plastic surgeon soon after injury may help to ensure that an injury is treated optimally and to minimize the risk of developing persistent facial deformity.

In cases of severe injury or for fractures requiring repair, surgery may be indicated to help to restore facial structure and to minimize facial deformity.

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Dr. Pearson has authored a medical texbook chapter on the topic of facial reconstructive surgery. This chapters appears in the highly-regarded Plastic Surgery textbook, Advanced Therapy in Facial and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. which is available on Amazon.com and elsewhere. Select the links below to learn more.

Advanced Therapy in Facial and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Local and Regional Flap Reconstruction

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